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Krogenæs, Pair of Three Legged Stool, “Fjøskrakk” Mod. 522, Pine, Norway, 1960s

Introducing a beautifully pair of crafted three-legged pine stool, model no. 522 by Krogenæs Møbler. This stunning piece of furniture was designed in Norway in 1964 by none other than the factory owner himself, Rangvald Krogenæs. The stool, known as “Fjøskrakk,” or “Milking Stool,” draws inspiration from the functional milking stools of the past.


Provenance: This particular pair was originally owned by a worker at the Krogenæs factory and originally painted by him.


In times gone by, milking cows was a physically demanding task that required long hours of labor in the fields. Milking stools were essential tools that helped milkmaids get down to the level of a cow’s udders for easier milking. The three-legged design ensured stability on uneven ground, making it easier to extract the milk. The milk was then carried in buckets suspended from the shoulders by a yoke.


The Krogenæs stool was originally designed for use in traditional Norwegian cabins, often placed in front of the fireplace. Today, these stools make for perfect supplemental seating to your coffee table or as a side table for resting drinks. Each stool boasts a unique design and is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Norway.

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  • Creators: Designed by Rangvald Krogenæs, manufactured at Krogenæs Møbler
  • Date of Manufacture: c.1960s
  • Place of Origin: Norway
  • Materials: Pinewood
  • Measurements: H: 36 cm, W: 48 cm, D: 34 cm
  • Condition: Good, wear consistent with age and use.
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