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Krogenæs Møbler, Three Legged Stool, “Fjøskrakk” Mod. 522, Pine, Norway, 1960s

A set of two beautiful three legged pine stools, model no. 522 by Krogenæs Møbler. Designed in Norway in 1964 by the factory owner himself; Rangvald Krogenæs. This milking stool was called “Fjøskrakk” which means “Milking stool” and are clearly inspired by the functional milking stools of the past. Milking of cows was physically taxing and required long hours of labour in the fields. Milking stools, helped milkmaids to get down to the level of a cow’s udders to milk more easily, their three- legged design made them more stable on uneven ground. The milk was carried in buckets suspended from the shoulders by a yoke. The Krogenæs stool was made to be used in a typical Norwegian cabin, often in front of the fireplace. Now these stools fits perfect as a supplement seat to the coffee table or as a side table to put your drink on.
  • Rare pair of Krogenæs stools
  • Designed by Rangvald Krogenæs
  • Manufactured by Krogenæs Møbler
  • 1960s, Norway
  • Wear consistent with age and use.
  • Dimensions: H: 43 cm, W: 139 cm, D: 30 cm
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